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After an unsuccessful attempt to sell my gauge faces with uv-lightning, I have decided to allow everyone to independently download my gauge face designs and print them out for installation. I have plans to make available real Reverse Indiglow Gauges similar to those available on, only with my own design.

Custom gauges are distributed AS IS and the developer/distributor assumes no liability for any damage that may occur to you or your vehicle as a result of the installation of these gauge faces in your Automobile. User assumes all responsibility for his/hers use of the gauge designs and their implementation.

Before installation of the gauge faces, make sure that the gauge faces are the proper type for your automobile!

Nippon Seiki logo The gauge faces were designed based on the original Honda gauges. These gauges are/were manufactured by Nippon Seiki and Denso. At the bottom edge on the speedometer you can see the Nippon Seiki trademark as is shown in the picture at the right. I developed the gauges on the basis of these devices from Nippon Seiki and I can guarantee accuracy of indications of the speedometer and the tachometer (primarily for Nippon Seiki speedometer, however accuracy on Denso equipment is not proven) (f/t gauges are corrected in view of real indications). If the devices in your Accord are made by Denso, the readings of the speedometer and tachometer gauges may be accurate however no guarantee is established on that behalf.

The instructions for replacement and installation of the Instrument Panel can be found on page 21-82 in the Shop Manual. Here is a picture of the Shop Manual.

Instructions how to replace Instument Panel After the removal of the instrument panel, carefully remove the clear plastic cover. Now you can proceed to install the gauge faces. Removal of the gauge needles is not necessary for the installation of the gauge faces. Removing the gauge needles will/can cause breakage of the gauges, improper calibration, and other costly and often deadly damage. This is especially critical for the fuel/temperature gauges, which don't have a mechanical needle attachment. All that is required is the passing of the needles through the central holes cut for them in the gauge faces. Be very careful when doing this for the fuel/temperature gauges for the reasons previously listed.

I have made the gauge faces for all types of instrument panels made for the Accords. You must choose the correct type for yours in regards to the type of tachometer, speedometer, and F/T gauge. The Fuel/Temp gauges for different years of Accords are different because until 1988 the Accords had outward-pointing needles while after 1988 the needles point inward.

Choose your version of gauges and download it!

All the pictures are archived/saved in zip file in .BMP format, with 300 dpi resolution.

click to previewTACHOMETER, 9000 RPM, 6750 - RED ZONE
Download - 69.4 Kb

click to previewSPEEDOMETER, KMH ONLY
Download - 91.8 Kb
click to previewSPEEDOMETER, KMH and MPH
Download - 113 Kb
click to previewSPEEDOMETER, MPH ONLY
Download - 86.3 Kb
click to previewSPEEDOMETER, MPH and KMH
Download - 110 Kb

click to previewFUEL/TEMP, Inward, Automatic Transmission
Download - 45.0 Kb
click to previewFUEL/TEMP, Inward, Manual Transmission
Download - 44.3 Kb
click to previewFUEL/TEMP, Outward, Automatic Transmission
Download - 45.8 Kb
click to previewFUEL/TEMP, Outward, Manual Transmission
Download - 45.1 Kb

This project is currently under development. More styles of gauges will become available later along with walkthroughs on how to make gauges with UV lighting.

P.S. Big thanks for the help with translating this page goes to '89AccordLX(Rus)!

On this section i will be post my custom projects. First is custom Gauges with Ultra-Violet lightning.


Some examples of gauges:




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