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Date: APRIL 2003

The idea to create an Accord with fixed ("open") headlights was born a long time ago, but for some time I could not find a way to realize it. At the begging I considered making a 3D model of the light from plastic, as done in the new NSX, but I was unable to get one of my friends to draw up such an image. Later I saw the popular modifications for the Mazda RX-7 and Mitsubishi GT3000 where the original headlights were replaced with two round lights in each opening and then covered with clear Plexiglas or glass. This makes the headlights seem lower in the hood by recessing them into the vehicle while not influencing the aerodynamics of the car. This was the way I chose to go. In addition I found a perfect photo-donor of an RX-7.

In my vast photo album I found pictures from last year that were taken at the famous official Honda Dealer in Moscow.


The photograph was taken at a slightly incorrect angle but this did not deter me. Furthermore it would have been impossible for me to take a better picture after the accident that my car was involved in.

To begin, we first need to position the new bumper in place and clean up the car. 1) Creating the color mask for the bumper and preparing the side joints with the fenders. 2) Overlaying the discolored bumper on the mask, and painting the side mirrors to match the body color.

Now we can proceed to add the actual headlights. To improve their appearance I changed one of the reflectors in each headlight to an optic lens. As shown: 1) Overlaying the lights 2) Drawing the internal flat areas of the lights. 3) Changing the shape of the hood and adding shadows. 4) Drawing the boundaries of the internal flat areas and adding shadows. The lights are now ready.

All that is left are small cosmetic additions. Next we add a grill to the radiator cut out and the bumper.

The last touches: changing the sky to a beautiful sunset, adding a red H symbol on the hood, and painting the word Honda on the grill in the bumper.

It is finished! Judging by the pictures and the simplified steps shown here it is not evident that drawing this picture took about two hours. The creation of something similar in reality however is much more complex. First the hood shape must be changed, second the lens cover has to be precisely made to fit in the openings for the new lights, and third the internals of the lights must be made. In particular these would include the chrome reflectors and lenses. However there is nothing that is impossible. We might just see this in the real world.

Don't forget to scroll up to the top of this page and compare the result with the original photo. :-)

P.S. Special Thanks goes out to 3axap ('89AccordLX(Rus)) for extensive help with the translation of this site.

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This is donor for my bodykit, great custom Invader Bodykit on Accord Aerodeck 6gen:

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