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Unfortunately the aftermarket support for the Accord 3rd Gen is very small and finding parts is quite hard. Here I will post links to web-stores, where you can find certain parts for the Accord 3rd Gen.

If anyone knows of other web-stores, please send me the links.

All links will be opened in new windows when you click on them!
They have many parts for 3gen Accord: bodykits, brakes, exhaust, intake and more. Good site.  
Good performance parts shop, but for Accord 3gen they have only Reverse Indiglo Gauges.
DC Sports headers and some another Accord 86-89 parts
Overboost.Com Shop. Suspension, Air Intake system etc.
Good shop. They have some parts for Accord 3gen, but nothing special...
Very good site. They have many performance parts, but for Accord 3gen only exhaust systems and some suspension kits.
Good site with geniune Honda parts. Prices is too high - like always is OEM parts...
Genuie and performance parts. Not many, but no badly prices.
The Brand manufacturer. They makes exhaust and strut bars for 3gen. But prices in they shop is high.
They don't have performance parts, but many of geniue and aftermarket parts for accessibles prices.
OEM honda parts, good prices, ships internationally, doesn't accept American Express credit cards.
Famous site for honda performance parts, offers a free cataloge.
Famous site for honda performance parts.
After market performance parts, Trusted by Yahoo.
Body parts for honda's ( fenders, bumpers, quarter panels, hoods, tail lights etc).
Famous site for honda performance parts.
After market performance parts, some cheap parts avaialable.
Another body parts store.
Honda OEM parts.  
Very good site with stupid navigation. They have most of the cheapest polished headers!
Suspension from Eibach and some parts.
Excellent site with very good prices.
Many of aftermarket parts, but not performance... :(  
No special for Accord 3gen parts, but they have some good universal parts, like not expensive Indiglo Tachs...
Big site with low loading data base... Only OEM parts.  
Cheapest bodykits and spoilers! Good selection and not bad universal wings!
Erebuni bodykits for 86-87 4DR sedan and 88-89 2DR coupe.
One of the bestest ground effects manufacturer! Don't miss this site! For 3geez they have only universal parts :(...
Another good manufacturer of bodykits. They don't have any parts to 3geez, but they ready to make custom bodykit!
Bodykits, lightning, performance parts for many models of Honda! Not for 3geez :(, but it's real good web-site.
One of unique manufacturer, who makes bodykits for 3geez. But they have oldie design...
The best manufacturer of 3geez bodykits. It's too oldie, but looking good. Site navigation is not usable...
Your #1 source for aerodynamics! Exactly phrase! But not for 3geez :(
Great site for tires and rims with cheapest prices!
Good shop with famous brands with good prices for Accords brakes
Best place to buy JDM parts. B16A, B16B, B18C, K20A (!) engines available!  
Great web-shop! Very good prices and product selection!
Any decals to car, really good place to buy decal!

In this column i planned to post the best deals on some Accord parts. Like Headers, Suspension kits etc.

DiamondBack Headlight Conversion for $28 for pair


DC Sports Polished Stainless Steel Header (4-2-1) for $399.95


Silver Reverse Indiglo Gauges (MPH only) for $63.95


TeamXenon Bodykit for 3DR Hatchback for $499.99


PaceSetter Headers
Black Painted for $147
Armor Coated for $219
Stainless Steel for $216


If you know better deals, please, send it to me:

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