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[ 31.12.2002 ] - Happy New Year 2003!
I want to wish all visitors of my site a Happy New Year of 2003! I want to wish the best to all of you, let all your wishes come true, happy tuning of your Accords and other cars. There were a lot of important events in the past year of 2002, both happy and sad, and I hope that in the New Year will be more happy ones. Happy New Year!

Email me and visit the guestbook. More new stuff to come.

Respectfully your,
Paul Aerodeck 86

[ 21.12.2002 ] - Updates!
So, i make some updates on this month, but all only in russian english, i can't translate it correctly, and waiting then my friends help me to make it. My last updates, is new Photoshop works: custom Invader and C-West bodykits walkthroughts! And last update from 14 december - report from Russian Drag Racing. Sorry, english versions will be coming as soon as possible.

P.S. About section will be finished in next week! You will be surprised!

[ 09.12.2002 ] - 3GEEZ-RACING PROJECT is finished!
I upload all my 3GEEZ-RACING gauges for free download and print. Just go and see it! Enjoy!

[ 27.11.2002 ] - New subsection and new photos!
I add new subsection to Photo Gallery - Exhibitions and Events. It will be contain photos from several Exhibitions and Events in Russia. Now you can see photos from last Motor Sport Tuning Exhibition (21-24 Nov 2002), later i will upload photos from Car Exotic Exhibition.

[ 2.11.2002 ] - Complete Shop Manual!
After a period of no updates, due to lack of time and also the tragic news in Moscow, I can please you with the complete version of the Shop Manual! It now includes all of the info about 3rd generation Accord, including carb engine, drum brakes and Automatic Transmission! I will so update it with wiring diagrams, which, unfortunately did not come out in very good quality. I am now working on the About section, which will include Accord's history, its specialties, sketches, and much more. I also have a favour to ask: email me your Accord pictures in good quality - no smaller than 640x480. Send your photos to:

P.S. Thanks to my friend from Canada - Speedy2k for translating!

[ 14.10.2002 ] - Fastrak Civic Photos!
I upload photos of Fastrak Civic. It's great Civic from our friends. Aproximate power is 210 hp. You can look photos here.

[ 29.09.2002 ] - DiamondBack Headlights!
I get my DiamondBack Headlights Conversion from RSVersion. All what i can say - it's brilliant beaty! With blue finish, it's will be looking on my car amazing! In Mods section i add some photos.

[ 25.09.2002 ] - Custom gauges project news!
My project is on the last lap :), i have got first prints from the printhouse and i work on it to make better colors. Simultaneously i have designed KMH (mph) version of speedometer (You can look at it here). I hope that i can receive first orders for gauges at the end of this week.

[ 21.09.2002 ] - Sign up to guestbook!
I added guestbook to my site. Since start of my page, it's have more 20 000 visitors. Not bad for oldie Accord :-). Now i have about 350 visitors per day! Don't forget to sign up!

[ 19.09.2002 ] - Honda Accord 7th gen for Europe
I added 3 photos of new european Accord. It's will be coming in 2003. This Accord must be replace old Accord and Legend, so, it's will be comfortable and reachable car. This model will be "global" model for all markets - Japan & Europe. All cars will be maded only in Japan. You can look photos in "Honda Other Models" section.

[ 15.09.2002 ] - Exclusive
To section "Other Honda models" added exclusive photoset of Acura RSX. All photos in superior quality 1024x768 85% JPEG, you can use it like wallpaper. Don't miss it.

[ 12.09.2002 ] - New photos
New photos added to "Other Honda Models" section - CRX Hybrid with B18C5 200hp engine and added 15 photos from Honda Meeting at 31 aug 2002.

[ 17.08.2002 ] - Moscow Honda Meeting new photos and results of karting!
I post new photos from Moscow Honda Meeting and upload results from karting. It's has been so fun!!! And i take a 6th place :) Not bad for first race! :)

[ 14.08.2002 ] - Honda Pilot photos
I create new subsection on my site in Photo Gallery where i will upload photos of other Honda car models. First is rare for Russia - Honda Pilot. Don't miss it!

[ 08.08.2002 ] - New photos and more updates!
I get my clutch! Ufff!!! On this week i will install it and then i must get break period (about 800 km). Good time to relax driving and new photos :)... Today i upload new photos from Moscow Honda Meeting and add photos to My Modification Gallery. Now you can see my Centerforce Clutch, HID Conversion, APEXi REV/Speed Meter in detailed photos! More updates on site coming soon!

[ 27.07.2002 ] - News...
I still awaiting order of my clutch and not drive my car about 1.5 month... I hope what i take clutch at August 5-6... Today i add some photos and links to Performance Parts and to Links section. If you have your own site, let's exchange links! Mail me:

[ 12.07.2002 ] - New phots
To Photo Gallery added some new (7 july'02) and oldies (23 may'02) photos from Moscow Honda Meetings!

[ 05.07.2002 ] - Moscow Honda Meeting
To Photo Gallery added 20 great photos from last Moscow Honda Meeting! Don't miss it!

[ 04.07.2002 ] - BMW 328i vs Honda Prelude 2.2 VTI
Exclusive competition with many good photos and videos! Sorry, but english version is not available, but you can download videos and see photos (for this you don't need russian language knowledge). All cars is stock. Honda Prelude 5gen 2.2 VTI 185 hp, BMW 328i 2.8 193hp. Go to Photo Gallery // StreetRacing photos!

[ 28.06.2002 ] - Awaiting order...
Unfortunately, my clutch has given and I ordered myself a centerforce clutch from the US..., a month has passed and it is still not here (Moscow). All this time I am stuck without a car, and this is why I can't take new pictures and I cant finish the ultraviolet gauges... At this moment I am preparing a section about Accord 3gens' history, it should be interesting. Thanks for supporting me! Added to Photo Gallery - Moscow Honda Meeting photos!

[ 23.06.2002 ] - New photos!
Sorry for long update, in my institute i have some difficult exams... But now i found time for update my page. I upload one more wallpaper series - "2 Aerodecks". It's last summer photoshoot, but it's still have cool! And i upload my another Photoshopped project - "Custom Altezza Taillights". Look it now! Later i want to upload more oldies wallpapers...

[ 20.06.2002 ] - Good Deals!
Added two "Good Deals" to PERFORMANCE PARTS section! If you know more "Good Deals", please, contact me! My project with custom ultra-violet gauges will be finished soon. Detailde How-To is coming soon.

[ 18.06.2002 ] - Updates...
Big update in PERFORMANCE PARTS, many of web-shops added. I want to make "Good deal" column, where i will be post the best deals for some parts. I hope, you help me with it! PHOTO GALLERY also updated! Now available to view Custom Decals... And Russian "version" is ready ;)

[ 16.06.2002 ] - New galleries
Added 2 wallpaper series to PHOTO GALLERY section. Also added photoshopped bodykit gallery. I'm start to working on other sections - LINKS and PERFORMANCE PARTS. Big thanks for ACCORD EX for help!

[ 15.06.2002 ] - Shop Manual bug!
Sorry, i found my error in Shop Manual section, where you can't download any of ZIP-Acrhives. Now Shop Manual is working.

[ 15.06.2002 ] - Grand-Opening!
Today is the grand-opening of my web site. While it is almost complete, I think the most important section is the Shop Manual. The Shop Manual is presented in a zip-archive and contains practicly every section. The rest of the sections are being developed, and I will be updating them as soon as possible. Have a great day and don't forget to write! :-) Special thanks to my friend Speedy2k from Canada for translate!

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